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Why is it so hard for us to get along? (When I say us I mean the world) Why do we fight so much? Why the wars? Why the violence? Why all the frivolous lawsuits? Why do we feel the need to cuss each other out from behind the steering wheel? Why is it so hard for us to get along?

Connection. The problem is that we are disconnected from each other and thats not the way things were supposed to be. We were made to be in loving connected relationships with each other. This isn't just the design for marriage, although many people can't even say they have loving connected relationships in their marriages.

Thats where the church comes in. If thats where we come in then why is there a generation out there that is so disconnected from the church and from God? Its just a thought, but think about it for a little bit. important is it for you?

This might not make sense right now, but I promise, it will.


Who Loved First?

You were probably about 12 years old. You weren't the coolest kid in school. Your pant legs were too short so your socks would show. You wore thick glasses that didn't help your cause. And of course your hair was a mixture of awkward and stupid, it just never works out. (I would just like to take a moment to clarify that this is you and not me)

Your walking to your first class trying your hardest not to drop your books. Your glasses are fogged up because that's what happens in Florida when you leave the A/C and go outside. Since you can't see anything its a miracle that you actually make it to class without bumping into anyone or tripping over anything. (Once again I would like to stop and remind you that this is your hypothetical experience and not a real life story of mine)

As you sit in your desk you take your glasses off to clean them and just as you put them on you freeze. Across the room a young lady is smiling at you. You really don't know what to d…