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Day of Rest

So I took a day off today. Its be a busy few weeks, my phone hasn't stopped ringing, I've been preaching a lot, and I just got off our second night of Connections. So I thought to myself early yesterday, "I think I need a Sabbath." As the day went on I thought about it some more and it became very clear so I said to myself, "Yeah, I need a Sabbath.

The Sabbath was a day of rest. It comes from the creation story. On the seventh day God rested and he told us that we need to as well. Does God really need a day of rest? No. But its a great example for us.

Of course the Sabbath is a day of rest but its so much more. Sometime as a minster I find myself really busy, I go a million miles per hour non-stop. As I find myself getting busier and busier sometime I get the unconscious attitude that God can't do this without me. That couldn't be farther from the truth. My God doesn't "need" me to accomplish his purpose. His work continues even if I n…

I'm Lost

There I was, sitting in Dana's office, wondering...what am I to do this week? Dana is in Mississippi this week and it gets kind of lonely in the back of the church where our offices are. It can gets pretty dark in the church even in the middle of the day, its a waste of electricity to turn on all of the lights. So when I have to go to the bathroom I end up stumbling over the rows because I can't see. When Dana is here the light of his office illuminates my safe passage. To make matters worst, it rained today (I didn't cry, it actually rained, makes things very depressing. Seriously, did you think I was crying, I don't miss Dana that much).

Anyways, its the first day and I already don't know what to do with myself. You guys in Mississippi better treat Dana right. No moving his bed on the stage of the church. No shaving his left eyebrow. No mixing laxatives in his breakfast. I realize that these were all of my ideas, but nobody pranks Dana except me!

Andy, I know your…

The Cries

When the Jews were slaves (remember this word, its important) in Egypt making bricks every single day. They cried out because of their oppression.

Central truth: God always hears the cries of the oppressed.

Not only that, he does something about it. He comes down and rescues them, delivers them from Egypt.

Then we have the son of David, King Solomon. He's an ancestor of the oppressed in Egypt, but thats the last thing on his mind. He's too busy accumulating wives (700, all of royal descent and all with different Gods), concubines (300; nice way of saying mistress or in my opinion prostitute), and money (a whole bunch of freaking money). Not to mention Solomon is to busy with his building plans. Of course, one is the Lord's temple. The other buildings are Solomon's palace, terrace, the walls of Jerusalem, and finally, strategic military bases to protect his know, all the basics.

The crazy part is that all those buildings were built using "forced …

The Answer!

You'll have to wait for Connections '09 for the answer to the lion question. Sorry!