Our Worship Our Heart

Studies have been done to show that if you listen to a song long enough that you can sing the entire song with out even thinking about the words. Its amazing what routine can do to a person, especially one's worship. Sometime I find myself standing in worship, singing nice and loud, not even thinking about what I'm singing. Not what the words are or what they mean. Just singing from memory. I think this is what God was talking about in Isaiah when he talk about the people honoring Him with their lips yet their hearts are far from him.

What do you think it sounds like to God when we sing from memory? When you sing and don't give the words a second thought, how do you think that honors and glorifies Him?

Maybe you're like me, you get caught up in the routine of things and let you worship become nothing but empty words.

Next time your in worship, think about the words your singing and offer them up to your God as a beautiful heartfelt offering, because God wants to be more than a memory.




Anonymous said…
I admit that sometimes I sing outta memory. No matter what I'm going through at the time I always go back and think of the words. It's still a drag down on God's behalf, but I believe that He is proud at the fact that the words always come back to me with His message sooner or later. Later is better than never, but I'm sure He would be much more grateful if I thought of the words and thier meanings while I am lifting up worship and praise to Him.
Anonymous said…
It has finally dawned on me that no matter what "style" of song you are most comfortable with, if you pay attention to the message . . . worship in song is a very powerful way to connect with Him.

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