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Oh please no!

Monday morning I was at the gym doing my Monday Workout Routine. I like to start the week off at the gym and then go straight into work. But I had a little accident that could have proved embarrassing...I almost knock myself out. I know what everyone is thinking when I say this, "What, did you drop weights on you head or something?" I wish, no unfortunately it happened after my workout.

There I was in the shower getting clean before I go to the office. I was washing my face so I had my eyes closed. I was standing under the shower head and sometimes I like to shake my head (kind of like a dog, I know its weird). Well the showers are very small and I accidentally cracked my head on the soap dispenser on the wall of the shower. I immediately opened my eyes and everything started to get blurry, then the shower started to spin. All I could think was, "Oh please no! Don't let me pass out naked in the shower at the gym!"

Think about that, pretty much the most embarras…


Tomorrow I'm going to the Exponential Church Planters Conference. This is gonna be awesome, I get to hear some great speaker/authors like Erwin McManus (author of "The Barbarian Way" and "Soul Cravings") and one of my all time favorites Francis Chan (author of "Crazy Love"). I'm looking forward to some new insight and views.



Just Another Work Day

Going into Easter this past weekend I had some mixed feelings. It didn't really feel like easter to me at all. Maybe its because Spring Break lead right into Easter Sunday. Maybe it was Jonas' first Easter Egg Hunt that we went to the day before with a bunch of complete strangers searching for fake eggs with no candy inside, that sucked. Or maybe its just that for most people Sunday is a time for family, fun, and relaxation. For me and many other ministers out there, sometimes it becomes just another work day.

Kind of stinks I know, but that's what happens to me sometimes and I know that it was never intended to be that way. But unfortunately that's how it is sometimes.

Then Sunday night came, we had a lot of set up because we were doing the worship track of Jesus, going through a few experiential stations to remind us why Jesus came to earth. Well I got done preaching, and stood back and watched. The truth is that I really didn't expect everyone to take everything s…