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For The Beard Challenged

Whoever said nothing good comes out of Canada? I give you the hand-knitted bearded beanie, also known as the "Beardo." The playoff beard is typically a hockey thing, players will grow beards during the playoffs and so will fans to show their support for their team. Like I said, it's typically a hockey thing but it has been seen in baseball as well.
In 2009 a Canadian company released the "Beardo Bearded Beanie." Each Beardo retails for $39.95 and is the perfect birthday or Christmas present for women or the beardedly challenged men.

Comparable to an Animal

I love it when I'm just reading along and come across a little gem like Proverbs 12:1... "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid."

Let's not miss the translation of 'stupid.' The Hebrew isba'ba and means "senselessness, stupidity, and ignorance." Oh, and don't forget my favorite translation... "comparable to an animal."

So let's break it down now. If you embrace discipline and correction, your on the right path, way to go. If you hate discipline, well then you might as well let your dog take your SAT for you. Because you are stupid.

p.s. please let me clarify to all of those that might be offended at me calling people "stupid." These aren't my words, they're God's words.

Even The Devil Believes

Are you a believer or are you a follower? What's the difference? There's a huge difference, let me explain. First of all, before you can every be a follower you have to be a believer. However, what happens when you stop at just believing?We will do whatever we can to get people in the Church. Get people in the church, get people in the church. Do whatever it takes, just get people in the Church. And while the urgency aspect is correct, do we water down the gospel to make it easier to accept.We ask questions like, "Do you believe your a sinner?" and they answer "Yes." Then we ask, "Do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and do you accept Him?" Once again, they answer "Yes." Congratulations! Welcome to the kingdom of God! Theres only one problem, Satan can answer 'yes' to both of those questions too.And while we are making the gospel easier to swallow, Jesus is pleading... count the cost of true discipleship.Luke 14:33... &qu…

Half-Built Towers

When I do a home improvement project, once every 5 years, I am horrible at considering the cost. I spend more time driving back and forth to home depot than actually doing the project. At the end of the day the people at Home Depot know me by name and chances are the project isn’t even finished. One time I tried hanging a ceiling fan. Not that big of a project, shouldn’t take too long. Only took me 8 hours. I kept having to stop and get more supplies. After eight hours the fan is up and my project cost is doubled, and the fan doesn’t even work. Than I have to call Donald to come and fix my new fan. He’s up there, “who hung this fan, looks like a Monkey did it?” Yep, I hired monkey to do it, a really dumb one. Had I sat down and considered the cost of the project in the first place I would have just hired Donald at the very beginning.In Luke 14:26-33 Jesus tells us to consider the cost of discipleship. He uses an illustration of a builder that plans ahead before he start to build so to…

A Chandelier in a Haunted House

I have committed to reading through the entire Bible this year, actually I started last year. I'm on day 72. As I have been reading through God's word I am amazed at how He can speak and challenge me through a verse I have read hundreds of times.
2 Corinthians 4:6-7 says "For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ. But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us."
The "treasure" is the Gospel and the "jars of clay" are the apparent worthlessness of the Gospel's ministers... us. Trusting the treasure of the gospel in the lives of the fragile followers is kind of like hanging a chandelier in a haunted house, it just doesn't make much sense. However, that's the paradox of the Christian faith, that something so important is trusting in the hands of somethi…


Painful! That's the only thing that comes to mind as I prepare for this upcoming sermon series that we are starting this week. Here I am sitting in Barnies, writing my sermon through tears as I break down Luke 9:57-62. If your not familiar with the passage, this is where Jesus speaks to three different men and seemingly talks them out of following Him.
To one he basically says, "if you want to follow me then you'll be homeless for the rest of your life." To another he tells "Let someone else bury your father." And yet to another he says "don't even say goodbye to your family."
The message is simple, the cost of discipleship is high. So here I am hurting under the painful demands of the gospel, but fully realizing the necessity and beauty of this call. And as I write this, thinking of the high cost of discipleship on my part I am reminded that my God didn't hold anything back, but rather gave his only son. He paid an even higher cost than I e…