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The End?

If we assume that the 2009 movie "2012" or the 1987 hit song "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" by R.E.M. are prophetic, then we're in big trouble tomorrow.

But I wouldn't do anything too rash just yet. According to an excellent 14 page research paper given to me by my good friend Mike Hoornstra, I think the world is going to still be here come Saturday morning. There have been more than 180+ predictions that the world will end that haven't come true.

Martin Luther predicted the world would end no later than 1600. Christopher Columbus said it was 1658. John Wesley believed it would be in 1836. Even Charles Manson got in on the predicting. He said it would be in 1969. What do they all have in common, they were all wrong.

Another interesting thing I saw what that it seems that the same names kept popping up. Listen, if your first prediction didn't come true then all credibility has gone out the window. You shouldn't get a…

He Does Exist!

For those of you who don't believe... we found his Bible at our Church. Enough said.

Thank You National Geographic

I would like to thank National Georgraphic for providing me with some much needed amusement this morning. Here are some of my favorites from their "Top Ten Weirdest Stories of 2012"

1. Slime Has Memory But No Brain (article)
(This explains a lot. Next time your teenager gets in trouble and you ask "why did you do it?" When they respond "I don't know" don't get mad. Just remember... Brainless Jello Mold.)
2. Turtles Urinate Via Their Mouths--a First (article) (Ugggghhhhh! Are you kidding!? Researchers say that the Chinese soft shelled turtle that urinates out of its mouth helps the species to stay healthy. If you asked the Pee Turtle himself however he would just say, "It's sterile and I like the taste." If you think this is crazy, check out the male monkeys (article) that bath in their own urine in order to attract lady monkeys)
3. Genitalia-Head Fish is Evolutionary Mystery (article)

(Enough said, I'm gonna leave this one alone.)

Illustration Gone Wrong

I was reading an article last week about a Conservative Christian radio host getting blasted for his illustration of dealing with a "playground bully" in reference to a group trying to keep Christians from erecting nativity scenes on public land. (Article)

 Of course the whole "punch in the mouth" illustration has gotten a lot of heat, and that's exactly what it was meant to do. The "punch" it metaphorical of a verbal argument without the actions to back it up. This is what happens when good illustrations go horrible wrong. 

I like the illustration, but it seems to fall short. If "punch in the mouth" was meant to mean what James writes... "But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do." (James 2:18) Then he's onto something. Of course he would need to follow it up with John 13:34-35... “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I ha…

Who Failed Us?

I'm a very emotional guy. I can cry at the drop of a dime about pretty much anything (when I saw the first Transformers movie I cried when Bumblebee got injured). I haven't always been this way. Actually, I can tell you the exact moment it all changed for me... November 28th, 2007. The day my first son was born. That was the day I truly understood the love God had for me.  The day I looked into the eyes of my son and instantly feel in love.
About a month ago I decided to preach about the Prince of Peace on Christmas Eve. Today I wrote that sermon. As I was preparing, I couldn't help but look into the tragedy that took place last Friday,  December 14th, 2012 in New Town, Connecticut. As I looked through the pictures of the victims (Photos of Sandy Hook Victims) the tears streamed down my face. I swear I could see my sons face in every single picture. 
We struggle to answers the questions "Why" or "How?" However, the only questions that we need to answer is…