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Bacon What!?!

For some reason I get random emails sent to me about crazy food creations. Now I don't remember signing up to receive these emails but I do love to eat. So is it safe to say that I unconsciously subscribed to a food blog? Probably. Haven said, you won't believe what popped into my inbox today. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the "Bacon Mac Lasagna."
  WHAT? WHY? HOW? Are all questions that are racing through your mind as you see this. The better question is, "Gift from God, or temptation from Satan?" I would argue the second based on this one thought that keeps cycling through my mind as I look at that picture… "Aren't I fat enough already?" The answer is yes.

How in the world do people keep coming up with these insane (yet delicious) ideas. What's next? The Bacon Canoli? You have to be kidding me. Really? Ok fine. Here's an idea. We have the "Bacon Mac Lasagna " We apparently now have the "Bacon Canoli." I challen…

How Much Is Enough?

Every year around this time I get to preach a short series on money and giving. It's no shock that people don't like to talk about money in church. Money becomes so much of a focus that many of us can't differentiate between whether money is a gift from God or our god. Therefore we have to discuss and learn what God calls us to do with the gifts he has blessed us with. In other words, Preachers need to keep preaching about the topic until it's no longer a touchy topic.

This weekend I am closing out our series called "gift or god." Something I wanted to discuss that didn't make it into my sermon is the age old question about Biblical giving: "How Much is Enough?" Or to put it a different way, "How much does God want from me?"

The Old Testament law commanded God's people to give a tithe (tenth) of their income to go to the church. However, when you break down the specifics of the Old Testament family that was giving a tithe the result …

"A Faith Slap in the Face"

Sometimes I sit down and open up my Bible to a random book and start reading. I tend to continue reading in that book for however long it takes to finish. I don't set a goal to finish. I just read until something hits me or in other words, until "God slaps me in the face." Then I stop reading and pray. While this might not be the most strategic way of studying God's word, It has reminded me how powerful God's word is. It seems that no matter where I turn, God speaks loud and clear.

For instance, on September 29th I randomly opened up to the book of Isaiah and started reading. Today is October 9th and I've only read the first two chapters. That should be a pretty good indicator of how many times God has slapped my with his word and I have stopped reading to pray.

What has occurred to me immediately reading just the first chapter is how similar the Israelites back then were to our culture today. The words given to Isaiah to describe the life style of the Israelit…

"Impossible God" Book Release

On September 17, 2014, my first book "Impossible God" was released. This was a major life goal for me and I am very excited to finally finished it.

The purpose I had with "Impossible God" was to introduce the real God of the Bible to those that don't yet know him or those who have pulled away from God and the church due to their experiences. I also wanted to encourage and challenge those who are already following Christ. Basically, everything about God is impossible when it comes to our logic and reasoning. But that's what makes him God and not you or I. And that's exactly who we need as a Lord and Savior.

I hope everyone has as much fun reading "Impossible God" as I did writing it. Digital and paperback copies are available on Amazon, Nook and iBook.

P.S. The big question is… What next? Honestly, with "Impossible God" finished I feel compelled to write another book. I really don't know what the topic will be yet. I am praying a…

"Crying in a Starbucks."

I have been known to poke fun at preachers that cry in the pulpit. That's not to say that I haven't ever cried in the pulpit, I just try not to make a habit of it. But this last week I became aware of how the sermon writing process can be an emotional one. 
Every Tuesday I go to Starbucks to write my sermon. I find that the change of atmosphere helps me to focus and it allows me a lot of uninterrupted time to write. At the beginning of the year I started a sermon series called "I Believe: Faith Defined by Movement." It is based on Hebrews 11 and the goal is to understand what kind of faith pleases God. Tuesday I sat down to write a sermon based on a passage of scripture that I struggle with deeply, Abraham and Isaac. The next thing I know I was crying in the middle of Starbuck. Tears streaming, I was a mess. It was so bad that I had to leave and finish my emotional outbreak back at the church. Talk about embarrassing. 
The story of Abraham and Isaac has always hurt …