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Bank Robers Aren't Created Overnight

Bank robbers aren’t created overnight. You don’t wake up one morning and go, “I’m gonna rob a bank!” It starts small and builds up. Let me explain the process of creating a bank robber. It starts off with discontent. Perhaps you look around at your current circumstances and feel less than satisfied. You’re not happy with your job. You’re not happy with your car. You’re not happy with you home. You’re not thankful for what you have. You’re only concerned with what you don’t have.

That leads us to entertaining a little bit of coveting, meaning you look at others and go “I want that, I need that, I have to have that.” Maybe your best friend has your dream job. If only that was you, then everything would be “perfect.” Or maybe it’s your co-worker who is a total jerk and lazy, but is driving around a $40K car while you’re stuck pulling into work in your old beater whose A/C consist of rolling down the window. So you want what they have. Again, focusing only on what they have rather than be…