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Toothpaste In My Eye

I was starting my day just like any other. Stood in front of the sink in my bathroom. Grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste. I carelessly began to apply the toothpaste to my brush when all of the sudden the bristles on the brush flung specks of toothpaste onto my face. One speck landed on my nose. The other landed in my right eye. 
Quickly I learned that toothpaste does not belong in my eyes. The speck on Crest Pro-Health Advance began to burn intensely. My eye began to water like a faucet opened all of the way and I thought to myself "Has anyone ever done this before?" And if so, "Are there any long term affects? Am I gonna go blind in this eye?" As I continued to brush my teeth through the pain and agony I swore to be more careful when brushing my teeth in the future.