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"The Undisciplined Disciple"

Is there such a thing as an "undisciplined disciple?" In complete honesty I want to say "No." But unfortunately I would be wrong. The world and our churches are filled with "undisciplined disciples." Myself being numbered among those ranks at times. Discipline is an essential part of any Christians life.

Think about it this way, as a disciple I am called to make disciples. Which means I can't make a disciple if I am not one myself. A disciple would be one who pursues the disciplines modeled by Jesus Christ. Jesus prayed. Jesus fasted. Jesus meditated on Gods Word. Jesus studied God's Word. Jesus led a disciplined life that cultivated a relationship with the Father.

When we follow in the example of Christ and pursue the disciplines he modeled, we are preparing our lives for God to work in, grow us, and transform us. It takes a disciplined life, and not just spiritually. I would say that it takes a discipline physical and mental life as well. Discip…